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Hey friends, thanks for being here. So a little about me, I started Laura Raes in February of 2020, located just outside beautiful Elora, Ontario.

I didn’t set out necessarily to own a caramel company, what I did set out to do was to find a product that would simply make folks happy.  

I had recently quit my corporate job feeling like I was missing out on living my best life, long days, long commutes, just not feeling the wow anymore.

I had been making the most amazing beer infused caramel popcorn for friends and family, and one day I just tried it as caramel candies and that’s when the drive to create the most delicious caramel candies began using only the best quality ingredients, and after many trial and errors, recipe tweaks, and burns .. that stuff is hot ..I am proud to say that’s exactly what Laura Raes is.  

The crazy thing is that most people who know me know I have no business being in the kitchen, I can’t cook, but boy can I make caramel.


Who is Laura Raes?

Laura and Rae were my grammas names, that just so happens to be my two beautiful nieces middle names and the s on the end is for my third beautiful niece.  


What’s up with Doris?

Doris is a 1970 Westfalia, we bought her about seven years ago, and she is now in full restoration and will be hitting the road this summer.  Watch for upcoming pop up shops featuring Doris and Laura Raes caramel!  


Thank you to the folks who are doing the hard work of raising families, caring for fellow humans, the brave who have the courage to do something that scares them, the ones who are showing up every day and doing their best….   I hope you enjoy a Laura Raes caramel because you deserve it.




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