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Hey there, friends! Thanks for being here!

So, let me tell you a bit about myself. I started Laura Raes back in February 2020, right outside the charming town of Elora, Ontario.

To be honest, owning a caramel company wasn't exactly my plan from the start. What I really wanted was to find a product that would simply bring joy to people's lives.

I had just left my corporate job because I felt like I was missing out on living my best life. Those long days, long commutes... they just weren't cutting it anymore, you know?

But here's the thing: I had this incredible recipe for beer-infused caramel popcorn that my friends and family loved. One day, I thought, "Why not turn it into caramel candies?" And that's when the journey to create the most mouthwatering caramel candies began. I made sure to use only the finest ingredients, even though I had to go through countless trials, errors, recipe tweaks, and yes, a few burns (ouch!). But hey, it was all worth it because that's exactly what Laura Raes is all about.

Now, here's the crazy part: anyone who knows me knows I'm not exactly a kitchen expert. I can't cook to save my life! But let me tell you, I can make some darn good caramel.

You might be wondering, who is Laura Raes? Well, Laura and Rae were the names of my grandmas. Also, they happen to be the middle names of my two beautiful nieces. The "s" at the end is for my third amazing niece.

I want to give a shoutout to all the amazing people out there. The ones who are raising families, taking care of others, and bravely facing their fears. To those who show up every day and give it their all... This caramel is for you because you truly deserve it.

So go ahead, enjoy and savor every bite.

Cheers, Sheri


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